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Learn about Customs in Southeast Asian Countries

Customs in Southeast Asian countries

Some countries in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore have their own customs and practices. It is recommended that travelers should learn more about customs in Southeast Asian countries in order to behave in a proper way. This article will introduce some popular ones in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Laos.

Top 5 Populous Cities in Southeast Asia

Populous cities in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a subregion of Asia and consists of 11 member states. This region is home to many large cities and diverse cultures bringing modern to traditional features. After that, this article will provide you with the information about top 5 populous cities in Southeast Asia and their characteristics as well. Particularly, they are Jakarta, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Yangon.

Best Foods for the Children’s Intelligence

Best foods for the children’s intelligence

The good health and the great intelligence of children are the desire of the majority of parents. To achieve that, it is recommended that the parents have to provide children with the good care and education. As a result, a balanced diet plays a very important role in caring the children. Here are 7 best foods for the children’s intelligence. To keep your children healthy and help them develop the intelligence, you should regularly add these foods to the menu.

6 Rare Species On the Edge of Extinction

6 rare species on the edge of extinction

These animals are severely threatened, even some of them are at a high risk of extinction. It can be said that the existence of humans has caused quite a few problems for the world of nature. Over time, humans have driven countless species into extinction. Although humans are aware of the devastating consequences, the effort to conserve rare species is still not big enough. The poaching together with the climate change is now driving many animals into the death’s door. The following are 6 rare species on the edge of extinction, all of which are named in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Typical Dishes of Korean Cuisine

Typical dishes of Korean cuisine
Typical dishes of Korean cuisine

In Korean culinary culture, their foods bring traditional cultural features from the past to the present. Some of the unique dishes are Kimchi, Bibimbap, mushroom hot pot and Korean barbequed ribs. To learn more about Korean food, you can refer to following typical dishes of Korean cuisine including Bibimbap, Gimbap, Naengmyeon, Samgyetang, Japchae, Galbi, Bulgogi and Kimchi.

Bibimbap (mixed rice)

First of all, Bibimbap is attractive to a number of diners because of the art of mixing colors. As usual, a bowl of bibimbap will have at least 6 dishes together with 6 colors including white color of rice, yellow color of egg, green color of vegetables and brown color of meat. Popular vegetables for this dish consist of sliced cucumber, carrot, spinach, bean sprout.


In addition, you can add a little lettuce. The eggs are fried with meat (usually beef) that is sliced and spiced. All of them will be well mixed with the sauce made from chili. This blend creates the name of “mixed rice”.

Gimbap (cooked rice rolled in dried sheets of laver seaweed)

The appearance of Gimbap is quite similar to Sushi, which is also a dish of rice rolled in dried seaweed of Japan. The thing that makes these two dishes become different is that Gimbap is usually bigger than Sushi because the filling consists of different types of food.


Gimbap is cut in slices with the thickness different from sushi. For two pieces of seaweed with the same length, sushi is often cut into 6 slices while gimbap can be cut into 12 or more slices.

Naengmyeon (cold noodles)

Naengmyeon is often served with a large bowl. This noodle owns a strong odor and a slightly sweet taste. Summer is the ideal time for enjoying this food. However, the cold noodles still can be served in the winter. It is suggested that you replace the meat broth with kimchi juice. To make the noodles more delicious, you should seek to balance the rate of the kimchi and the broth.


Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup)

Every year, in the Korean calendar, three hottest days in the summer are called Chobok, Jungbok and Malbok. In these days, the only food can make a considerable number of people queue up in front of restaurants regardless of the scorching heat is Samgyetang.


The chicken is thoroughly cleaned before being stuffed with ginseng, sticky rice, Mongolian milkvetch and jujube. Then, the chicken is sewed with thread and put into a stone pot to stew for several hours. This traditional ginseng chicken soup becomes a nutritious and invigorating dish in summer in Korea. At some famous local Samgyetang restaurants, a bowl of ginseng chicken soup is also served with ginseng wine to quench the thirst.

Japchae (Korean mixed crystal noodles)

The main ingredients for this dish are crystal noodles and types of seasonal vegetables such as thinly sliced carrots, onion, spinach, mushroom and beef. Koreans often use sesame oil to fry the food. The main spices are soy sauce, chili and sesame. Japchae can be served hot or cold.


Galbi (Barbecued ribs)

Galbi is the common name of dishes of barbecued ribs in Korean cuisine. Galbi usually consists of beef, pork or chicken ribs that are dipped in soy sauce (kanch’ang) before being baked. For beef ribs, it is also called “sokalbi” or “soekalbi”. If you use pork or chicken ribs for this dish, it is called “twaechi galbi” or “t’ak galbi”. However, beef ribs are used the most popular; therefore, the name of Galbi also refers to barbecued beef ribs.


Bulgogi – barbecued beef

Bulgogi is marinated with soy sauce and sugar so that the food becomes soft and fragrant. Both foreign visitors and Korean people love to eat Bulgogi. It has a sweet taste; contains a lot of water. Besides, it takes just a short time to process this dish. That is the reason why Bulgogi is considered the number one dish in Korean.


When eating Bulgogi, they usually wrap it in lettuce, sesame leaves or other herbs. This way of eating gives diners much more nutrients than just eating Bulgogi. For these reasons, Bulgogi is considered to be a nutritious food in Korea.

Korean Kimchi

In Korea, there are hundreds of different types of kimchi and almost all of them are fragrant and spicy. Baechu Gimchi is a typical kimchi among dishes of kimchi in Korea. After salting and washing, you mix the food with onion, garlic, chili and ginger, then add spices. This is considered to be the best fermented food in Korea.

Korean Kimchi
Korean Kimchi

Besides admiring the romantic landscape and exploring the modern life of Korea, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy Korean cuisine, especially those who desire to learn more about Asian cuisine

Foods To Promote Your Eye Health

Foods to promote your eye health

There are a lot of healthy foods that help to improve eyesight. To have slow aging and bright eyes, it is necessary to supply essential nutrients for your body. Foods that have a good effect on your eyes are livers of animals, Goji berry, mulberry, black sesame, tuber fleeceflower, Chinese yam, chicken eggs and eel. All of them are good foods to promote your eye health.

List of snacks that never make your weight increase

List of snacks not making your weight increase

Quite a few people show their determination to reduce weight by saying no to high-fat food and cut down the amount of sugar in their diet. However, almost all of them are tormented by hunger when late afternoon or night falls. This article will help you to solve this problem by introducing names of snacks that never make your weight increase.

8 Kinds of Food During Pregnancy

8 kinds of food during pregnancy

A balanced diet is essential for pregnant women. The article below will provide some knowledge of kinds of foods during pregnancy. All of them own delicious taste and help to enhance the health of the pregnant women including lean meat, salmon, lentil, yogurt, water, butter, oat, carrot and pepper.

5 Symbolic Constructions Surviving After Disasters

Symbolic constructions surviving after disasters

After the attacks of earthquakes, tsunamis and atomic bombs, a large number of constructions suffered from the utter devastation while a few buildings still stand firm and become the symbols of hope and peace. This article wants to introduce 5 symbolic constructions surviving after disasters. They are Brandenburg Gate (Germany), Sanno Shrine (Japan), Magic pine (Japan), Horyu-Ji Temple (Japan) and Rahmatullah Mosque (Indonesia).

Explore 8 Longest Bridges in The World

8 longest bridges in the world
8 longest bridges in the world

Quite a few large bridges connecting the lands to each other or crossing the immense ocean are clear evidence of the great capacity of the human. Here are the 8 longest bridges in the world including Seven Mile Bridge, San Mateo-hayward Bridge, Confederation Bridge, Rio-niteroi Bridge, Penang Bridge, Vasco da Gama Bridge, Chesapeake Bay Bridge and King Fahd Causeway. They are also 8 attractive tourist destinations for visitors.