List of the world’s most dangerous rivers

Most dangerous rivers

Humans experienced the ancient civilization along with large rivers. Rivers are the abundant source of valuables resources offered by nature. They can bring human countless benefits but they sometimes become extremely violent and dispossess us of everything. In the world, there are quite a few dangerous rivers that run very fast and have sea monsters. With the features above, these rivers can easily bereave the lives of a number of people who try to get across the rivers. This article introduces you the list of the most dangerous rivers in the world.

Yangtze River

The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia and the third largest one in the world, just ranked after the Nile in Africa and the Amazon in South America. The Yangtze is about 6,385 kilometers in length, rises from Western China and flows into the East China Sea to the east. In China, the river is also known as Chang Jiang.

Yangtze river

Yangtze River is home to a wide diversity of marine creatures such as Chinese crocodile, paddlefish and dolphin. Besides, this river is also the main source for the hydropower production in China. Three Gorges Dam, China is the largest dam in the world. However, Yangtze deals with various harmful consequences caused by Three Gorges Dam. The flood is the major problem for Yangtze river during the rainy season between May and August.

A recent deadly flood of the Yangtze River occurred in 1954. In fact, 30,000 people suffered from considerable negative impacts and many of them became homeless. In addition, the water of the section of the Yangtze River that is located in Chongqing City has changed into the scary red color. Researchers are making a great effort to discover the cause of this strange phenomenon.

Parana River

With a length of 3,030 miles (4,880 kilometers), the Parana River is the second longest river in South America, ranked after the Amazon River. In Tupi language, Parana means “as big as the sea”.

Parana River

This river is listed among dangerous rivers because its southward flow runs very fast, which can cause devastating floods. When floods occur, the river flies into a rage and sweeps all the things obstructing it away.

Congo River

Congo River in Africa is the deepest river in the world and has a length of nearly 4800 kilometers. Located in the rain belt of Africa, Congo is the river that owns the second largest amount of water in the world, just ranked after the Amazon River. This is considered to be one of the most potential rivers for the hydroelectricity in Africa. In the rainy season, it has an ability to deliver more than 50,000 cubic meters of water per second to the Atlantic Ocean. It is calculated that the whole valley of Congo river accounts for 30% of the hydropower potential of the entire world. If this potential is exploited, it can provide sufficient electricity for all of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Congo River

This river has a long and mystical history. Legend has it that the rainforests adjacent to the riverbank are the residence of Pygmy peoples who even eat human flesh. The river is also famous for the fearful canyon with a length of 75 miles. This canyon is dubbed the “Hell door”. The rough and steep roads make the most skilled trekkers land in an embarrassing situation.

Mississippi River

The Mississippi is the largest river in North America. It goes through several US states including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas and Louisiana. Measured from the source of the Jefferson River to the Gulf of Mexico, the length of the Mississippi-Missouri-Jefferson River system is approximately 6,275 kilometers (3,900 miles). This is the third longest river system in the world. There are a variety of marine creatures here. The real danger comes from the river flow division. At some sections, the river is quite calm while just moving some more miles, the sailors may confront dangerous situations and the risk that the ship capsizes at any time.

Mississippi River

Besides the listed rivers, there are some other rivers carrying terrible threats such as Amazon, Orinoco, Mekong and Yenisei. Although there are several hidden dangers lurk in deep rivers around the world, it is recognized that rivers contribute to drawing a wonderful picture of nature.