Best Foods for the Children’s Intelligence

Best foods for the children’s intelligence

The good health and the great intelligence of children are the desire of the majority of parents. To achieve that, it is recommended that the parents have to provide children with the good care and education. As a result, a balanced diet plays a very important role in caring the children. Here are 7 best foods for the children’s intelligence. To keep your children healthy and help them develop the intelligence, you should regularly add these foods to the menu.

Milk and yogurt

The milk for children includes breast milk and infant formula. This the most important source of nutrition for the full development of infants.


Milk and yogurt contain a lot of protein and B vitamins that are necessary for the development of brain tissues and play a role as neurotransmitters. Besides, milk and yogurt provide plenty of protein and carbohydrates that are the preferred energy source for the brain of the children. In addition, they consist of a large amount of vitamin D, which is good for the nervous system and cells.

Chicken egg

Chicken eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals essential for the baby’s development. Eggs also include a lot of DHA and lecithin, which not only promote the growth of the nervous system and the body but also invigorate the brain. In addition, egg yolks contain choline, which is beneficial for the memory of the baby.

Chicken egg

It is necessary for the parents to add chicken eggs to their diets. The best time for the infants to eat chicken eggs is when they are over 9-month year old. It is noted that children should eat eggs in the morning and only two or three eggs per week.

Animal liver

The liver is good for the brain. The iron in the liver is an important element that helps to deliver oxygen to the brain. However, the liver also contains a significant number of toxins; therefore, when buying animal livers, it is crucial that you select the liver of the healthy animals that do not catch a disease. In particular, if you see the hematoma or unusual colors on the body of the animal, you should not choose this one.

Chicken liver

There are some ways of removing the toxins in the liver. For example, you soak the liver in hot water or fresh milk three or four times. Before dipping the liver, you can also use a knife to slash the surface of the liver so that the toxins will be removed faster.


Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is indispensable for the growth and the development of the brain and other organs as well. It is demonstrated that Omega 3 is effective in reducing the risk of dementia, stroke and Alzheimer’s.



In beef,  we can find out a great deal of iron and zinc, whose function is to reinforce the stability of the brain, which enhances the ability to focus of the baby and effectively improves the memory. For this reason, beef is the most necessary for the children at school age.

Beef soup

Beef can be processed into a variety of dishes to stimulate the baby’s appetite and easily absorb nutrients including porridge, soup, stewed beef, beefsteak and stir-fried beef.


Iodine is a special nutrient that has a great contribution to the intellectual development of the children. It is suggested that your child should drink iodine every day following the instruction of the doctor. Another simpler way is that you add salt to the meal of the children. However, you remember to feed your child on a sufficient amount of iodine. Eating too much salt will lead to the stagnation, causing some diseases such as edema, heart disorders and many other severe diseases.


Vegetables with bright color

Vegetables provide a considerable amount of vitamin C and antioxidants, which not only boost the immune system but also protect the brain from free radical injury that is regarded as the enemy of the brain. Therefore, this is really an essential food for daily meals of the children.

Vegetables with bright color

When buying, you should choose the foods with bright colors such as blue, red and orange because they are the most nutritious vegetables. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bean sprouts, sweet potatoes and carrots are types of vegetables that the children should regularly eat.

If you want your children own a high intelligence, you should consider feeding them on the above-mentioned foods.